Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Looking After Yourself is Looking After Your Business

    • Video: Introduction to Nutrition
  • 2

    What is Healthy Eating?

    • Video: What is a Healthy Diet
    • Handout: What Is A Healthy Diet
  • 3

    Healthy Snacking

    • Video: Healthy Snacking
    • Handout: Healthy Snacking Recipes
  • 4

    Understanding Ingredients

    • Video: Understanding Ingredients Video
    • Handout: Understanding Ingredients
  • 5

    Understanding Healthy Portions

    • Video: Healthy Portion Sizes
    • Handout: Healthy Portion Sizes
  • 6

    Modifying Recipes

    • Video: Modifying Recipes
    • Handout: Modifying Recipes & Example Recipes
  • 7

    Choosing Healthy Convenience Foods

    • Video: Choosing Healthy Convenience Foods
    • Handout: Choosing Healthy Convenience Foods
  • 8

    Health in a Hurry

    • Video: Health in a Hurry
    • Handout: Health in a Hurry
  • 9

    Introduction to Plant-Based Diets

    • Video: Introduction to Plant-Based Diets
    • Handout: Introduction to Plant Based & Recipes
  • 10


    • Worksheet: Planning your Food & Movement
    • Worksheet: Looking After Yourself is Looking After Your Business


Amelia Bandera

Nutrition Instructor

Amelia Bandera

helping people improve their health and quality of life. I’ve always been interested in how nutrition and diet affects our health, and passionate about helping others. I am now a Dietitian, and Product Manager for Health Tech Startup, Sophus Health Pty Ltd where we are creating a product that not only provides dietetic support to anyone, anywhere at anytime; but is also available to our clients in times when they need us most - in times of vulnerability and confusion. It is clear from the research, that people make the most successful strides in their health when we focus on altering underlying behaviours and that is what we are doing through evidence-based knowledge, behavioural insights, and technology. I am excited about the future of health, and hope to bring innovation to traditional dietetic practice.