Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started with Digital Marketing

    • Getting Started with Digital Marketing - Workbook
    • What Is Digital Marketing?
  • 2

    Digital Marketing Objectives

    • Selecting Your Digital Marketing Objectives
  • 3

    Content Marketing

    • Creating and Promoting Content


Brody  Oxenham

Marketing Instructor

Brody Oxenham

I help business owners strengthen their brand and solve their customer's problems. You've probably guessed at this point I'm a marketer - but in some regards I'm also a student, teacher and explorer. Over the past 3 years I've found a love for marketing and helping entrepreneurs grow their business. Since then I've mentored over 200 different business owners, run 20+ workshops on digital marketing, and also found time to complete my Bachelor in Marketing & Economics. Although I'm lucky enough to work with and teach other entrepreneurs, I'm still a student at heart. You can find me up late at night about 3 hours deep into learning about a random topic of interest, or scrolling through an article while I'm trying to multitask and eat lunch. However, I believe in always trying to apply what I learn across the many hats I wear. It may be through my own business Manexo Media (, where we help save clients from boring and ineffective marketing campaigns. It may be through Y(E)P Entrepreneurship Facilitators (, a program dedicated to helping people across Australia start and grow their own businesses. Or, it may be through one of the other programs or initiatives I am involved in.